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Windows 10 laptop!!

Posted on 04 March 2017  //////  0 luminosities

Hi there minna, here's the entry about the Windows 10 laptop I got last summer (July 2016), but first the new look: it's a div lay called Taiga and featuring the omonymous character from the Toradora!; I made it in just a couple of hours, but I'm quite proud of the result. ^.^
Now the laptop. It's not my first Windows 10 computer ever: in summer 2015 my main Asus laptop got treated to an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade - I didn't want it, it came hidden inside a normal update for 7 - which crippled the laptop so much I had to trash it. T_T
This time, though, I got a brand new laptop from Amazon, with a fresh W10 install (which, after 7 months of use, looks like an 6-years-old machine, but we all know that's because W10 sucks).

To go into details, I got a HP laptop for $670.00; it came with a damaged USB port, but I got a $100 refund for that so I'm relatively satisfied; anyway, here are the laptop specs.
  • MODEL :: HP 15-AC613NL
  • PROCESSOR :: Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz
  • STORAGE :: 500GB HDD Sata
  • GIVEN RAM :: 4GB Memory
  • GRAPHICS CARD :: AMD Radeon R5 M330
  • DVD PLAYER :: DVD SuperMulti (for Blu-rays?)
  • USB PORTS :: 2x USB 2.0 + 1x USB 3.0
I decided to go with a laptop because all the all-in-one desktops I saw with a decent processor (Intel Core i5 or i7) costed more than $900, and they would have taken too much space on the desk (plus I’m a laptop girl, I’ve been using mainly laptops for the last like 7-8 years xD); previously I had bought PowerDVD Ultra 14 to watch my movies, so I'm quite happy with the purchase. Here are some photos of the laptop sitting on my bed.


So at this moment I currently have like 3 working laptops: my MacBook Pro, an old 2012 fuchsia Windows 7 Sony VAIO, and the new Windows 10 laptop; I know having so many computers is weird, but I’m a sucker for new computers: I love the first booting up, seeing the p.c. get filled and customized with my favorite programs, the velocity a brand new machine has when it performs a task, etc….I just plain adore new computers. xD

Have to go now, as I have to keep the Windows 7 on my VAIO up-to-date or I'll have to trash it as well and I don't want that; see you all on next entry.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful Sunday. ♥

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