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Online trolls & know-it-alls

Posted on 23 January 2017  //////  6 luminosities

[EDITED ON 02.19] Just a quick edit to let you I'm gonna update soon with the new look and the post about my Windows 10 laptop from last summer that I mentioned on FlyHigh; stay tuned for it. Take care. ♥ [/EDITED[

Hi there minna....first post of 2017, woohoo!! ^.^
I'm feeling both giddy and meh right now: I'm meh because I need to make a layout for my Prince Zuko's shrine Firelord but can't seem to come down with a good one; I'm giddy because I bought a couple of other movies DVD and I'm watching them soon....but this is not what the entry is about, so let's get to that before derailing off-topic.

YouTube has changed, it has no become the #2 refuge - only Facebook is worse - for trolls, asshats and idiots in general hanging out on it; the perfect example of that is what happened with a video about this year's most anticipated movies I watched recently (to keep up with movies releases).
The video defined the upcoming movie "Dunkirk" an american war drama about allied forces - it was sponsored and paid for by Warner Bros which makes it very much american....for everybody except YouTube trolls, who can't even listen properly and, thinking the word "american" was referred to the movie's historical content (the allied forces' evacuation at Dunkirk beaches, where no american troops were involved) instead of the movie itself, verbally assaulted the video's author accusing him of historical ignorance and treated whoever pointed out the truth as retards who should just listen to the history professors....of BS in their case, since they didn't even get the basic fact straight. -__-

This type of beings has spread throughout the whole web, though; I've seen several bloggers these days use their sites as places from where they attack people who in their eyes wronged them....but whose only real fault is being better persons than these trolls; it's really sad and overall pathetic - I am like that too when I get down to their level to reply, I ought to learn to be more indifferent to what I know to be deep ignorance or even plain delusions. v_v

Sorry for the rant, but I'm really fed up with idiotic trolls; gonna go watch the movies mentioned at the beginning now - Fuqua's The Magnificent 7 and especially (it has Dylan O'Brien in it n.n) Deepwater Horizon.
See you on next entry, guys; take care, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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