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Xmas wish and real lists

Posted on 29 December 2016  //////  3 luminosities

Hi there minna, here's my usual Christmas gifts list post...or not?
This time it's bit different as I decided to do a comparison between my actual gifts list and my wish list, meaning what I would've liked to get for Christmas; but let's start with the real gifts.
  • A dark red and grey wool striped sweater from my mom.
  • The whole Psycho Pass' 1st season DVDs from my dad.
  • A smoke-grey scarf from my aunt.
  • A book on local ghosts legends from my brother.
  • The last Alicia Keys CD from my cousin and her partner.
  • Some mixed chocolates from my uncle.
  • About $300 (250 Euros) shopping money from my friends.
Lots of awesome things, and I'm thrilled for each one....still, compared to my wish list, it's clear why I got the above.
  • A new smartphone, as mine is slow and texts app is always freezing.
  • An iPad Air keyboard, as the in-built one often freezes or crashes the app I'm in.
  • A computer headset (headphones with internal mic), as I wanna record my voice.
  • A new MacBook Pro and keyboard covers, as the ones I have are getting filthy.
I wish I had got at least one of those but they're all super-expensive, so, as I mentioned, no wonder I got the things in the first list...I guess I'll have to spend the aforementioned shopping money to buy these. :p

Have to go now, because season 6 of Masterchef Italia is about to start and I need to watch it; see you all on next entry (wich is most likely gonna be the first entry of 2017).
Take care, guys, and my best wishes of a very Happy New Year. ♥

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