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The luminous blog

Posted on 05 December 2016  //////  4 luminosities

Hello there minna, I'm finally back at blogging. ^.^
I had planned to upload this a couple of weeks ago, but I caught the flu - I'm still down with a cough - and was bed-ridden for a whole week....but I'm finally back with my new blog Hikarimono - which is japanese for luminous.
I didn't really wanted to started fresh, but I was forced to by higher powers - meaning money and boredom: renewing the domain and hosting would have costed around $100, which I didn't have, and the name FlyHigh was getting stale....and so Hikarimono was born. :p

Exactly because boredom was involved, Hikarimono's version 1.0 is a recycled div design called Fun Fearless Fashion which features the leading Harry Potter saga's trio Harry, Ron and Hermione; I rarely do black premades, but this came out so good I had to keep it and use - and there's an alternative version available for download on Ast3rism. ♥

I also got rid of my joined fanlistings' page, for which I'm busy making a dedicated site - and my own fanlistings will soon come too - and I plan to add a Bishie-Claiming service....'coz I love anime hotties' showcases. n.n

Have to go now, because tomorrow I must wake up early to help my mum who is sick with flu; see you next time.
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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