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Of Amazon Marketplace sellers

Posted on 25 January 2018  //////  2 luminosities

Hi there everybody, it's been a (looong) while. ^^;;;;;
But I'm finally back at blogging...and the site is back with a new look; so, without further delays, let's begin.

The new version is a basic divs layout called Overboard, featuring a sexy artwork from an un unknown artist and is based on my latest premade - because I was without new ideas and I adore the navi from that design; I hope you enjoy it, but any kind of feedback is more than welcome. n.n

As for the title, it's about something that took place a couple of weeks ago and I needed to share it because it's absolutely crazy; I’ve been shopping on Amazon for more than 15 years now, and something like what I’m about to share has never happened before. It may sound unbelievable, but I swear I’m not pulling your leg. Everything went exactly as I tell here.
During the holidays, I ordered a modem on Amazon Italy; it was shipped from Amazon but sold by a Marketplace Seller.
When it arrived, I found out it was defective, so I had to throw it away and ask for a refund; I got the money back in full (but it was made clear it was an extraordinary circumstance since I was unable to ship back the product and I understood that, it’s Amazon’s policy). Either way it was still a defective hence unusable item, so I gave the seller a 2-stars feedback. Nothing strange about it....until the following Monday evening, when I received a call on my home phone: the Amazon seller had traced my house number and called to ask me to remove (he actually asked me to modify it, he didn’t even know that’s not possible) the negative feedback because, I quote, “it ruined its reputation” (quite unlikely, mine was the only single negative feedback that seller had). When I told him I wouldn’t do it, he accused me of lying about having thrown away the product we were alking about....to which I ended the call and reported him to Amazon. I ended up removing the feedback (because I felt I had been quite rude on the phone)....but I regret that, because later that evening I found out the guy had sent me an email where he threatened legal actions if I didn’t delete the my feedback. I took screenshots of everyhting, as proof, and reported that too to Amazon; they told me they’d pass everything to the department responsible for the Sellers.
I hope Amazon kicks his ass out and bans him from ever signing up again, as a seller who threatens and harasses his clients over feedback doesn’t deserve to be on a reliable platform like Amazon.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to get rid of the steam this event steered in me - some is still there even after all this time; see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and have a super wonderful week-end. ♥

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