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Of losing aunts

Posted on 13 October 2017  //////  1 luminosities

[EDITED ON 10.18] Update on the aunt's situation (read below first to know the story): my aunt is still "mute"; she hasn't talked, phoned or come near mom. Today mom told me my aunt's gravity surveyor has set up a meeting with my mum's one (who is actually the same my granddad used), scheduled for next week; mum's building geometry also told her he got the strong impression that my aunt's surveyor was acting more like a middleman whose goal is to make sure my aunt gets the money she believes are owed to her. That's not gonna happen, because that sum was born out of wrong calculations. Mom knows that; mum's surveyor knows that; my aunt's one knows that too....but my aunt refuses to accept her mistakes, and her blind stubborness is tearing our family apart. T_T I'll make another post after next week's meeting. See ya, and take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hello there everybody, it’s been a while.
I first went on holiday, then on a laziness trip....and I would’ve liked to stay there; I wish I didn’t have to make this post, but I can no longer keep this bottled up: I fear I’m losing my (favorite) aunt. =(

She’s not a “normal” aunt but more of a second mother to me because, being my mother’s only sister, she helped my mum and grandma to raise me; sadly, due to an inheritance problem, my mom and my aunt haven’t been speaking at all this last week and - knowing my aunt (and uncle, whom my aunt “follows”) - I don’t think they will any time soon.
It all started with money - that’s almost always what tears family apart: the time to split my granddad’s inheritance had come, and my mom and aunt met to talk about that; sadly my aunt completely blew up her calculations so she believed her part would be pretty large, much bigger than it actually was. When my mom told her how things were - she had the calculations of not only her gravity surveyor (building geometry?) but my aunt’s too backing her - my aunt took it very, very badly and we haven’t heard from her since; she is refusing to answer my mom’s calls, Whatsapp messages or text.
My aunt replied to me on Whatsapp, but the most I got when I asked her to talk to mum was a “I’ll think about it”....and, knowing my aunt’s stubborness, I don’t think that’s gonna happen soon. I hope for the contrary, but I find it hard to be optimistic. =(

Sorry for the depressing post, but as I said I needed to let this out of my chest; it was hurting too much; see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful week-end. ♥

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