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Yaoi same as porn....not!!

Posted on 30 July 2017  //////  1 luminosities

Hi there everybody, whassup.
It's been a while since I blogged....but I wouldn't have had something weird not happened; here's the full story.

Yesterday I received a mail from whom I think was a trolling guy who was searching for (and I quote) "pornographic art/drawings to collect" featuring yaoi; the guy emailed me because he was "confused" by I♥Boys and wanted my help to navigate it....the problem was that he thought yaoi is the same as porn and basic image files are graphics, and as such my site had the same dirty content as a true pornographic (yaoi and non) images archive - probably his own site - he knew. He asked I'd knew of other sites like his....WTF?!?! O.O
That sounded, and sounds, so wrong at so many levels that my first reactions were to either directly recycle-bin the email or answer with a "fu*k off and learn the difference between yaoi and porn, you arsehat" reply....but I didn't want to sound like a mad fangirl or a prude, so I replied politely explaining that, while I liked his site (it's a yaoi gallery, with too much porn but still yaoi), my site provides true website resources and is in no way remotely related to porn; I told the dude that my graphics are not art meant to be collected and uploaded on porn(y) sites, to not put I♥B and his site in the same league and that I know nothing of other sites like his.
Let's see if and how he replies; I'm trying to be nice and positive, but I can't help thinking about worst-case scenarios.

In any case, I've never seen such a terrible display of ignorance: the guy didn't even know what yaoi and shounen-ai actually mean, and believed shota is a term used in yaoi manga (hint: that's a hentai term); what really annoyed me, though, is how on earth did he arrive to conclude I♥Boys had porny content?! o.o Especially when one of my host's requirements is that I don't upload anything too explicit (like above PG-13-16) and I've always complied with that. I strive hard to make high quality graphics - be they yaoi-themed, anime, celebrity or stock - and seeing my works pretty much being considered porn is something that makes me want to yell at that troll; people like him are one of the reasons why anime and manga are considered a dirty thing by many people in many countries.

Sorry for the rant, but ignorants like that guy pi*s me off quite a bit and I had to let some steam out; see you next time.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful Sunday. ♥

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