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New look and YT trolls

Posted on 04 June 2017  //////  3 luminosities

Hi there minna-san, wassup? ^.^
I’ve finally defeated my laziness and changed Hikarimono’s look; I had planned to change it yesterday, but Plesk had some issues and my host had to wait for them to be solved….but it’s finally done and the new theme is up. =)
To go into the technical details, version 3.0 is a div/table layout called In the end and featuring the newest installment in the Harry Potter’s movie franchise Fantastic Beasts and where to find them; it’s one of my fastest premeds - it took about a couple of hours - and it was meant as a premade layout to be added to Ast3rism, but it turned out so perfectly-fitting Hikarimono I decided to use it on the site. ♥

Now, about the post title….but first a preface; I can often be a prickly, blunt, drastic, pessimistic, shy-aggressive (and over-possessive) person, and it’s not always easy to get along with me….but still, why on earth do I seem to get across every possible troll hanging around on YouTube!? I try my hardest at avoiding them, yet I often get caught in frustrating discussions with that kind of imbeciles; here are the latest specimens I came across.
  • A man who was utterly convinced Michael Ende’s book “The never ending story” is based on the movie by the same name….except the book came out quite a few years earlier than the movie. It’s actually the opposite of what he kept saying was right, but I had to quote and give him both (movie and book) Wikipedia links to get him to accept he had the dates mixed up.
  • A so-called tech expert who believes there are only 3 good manufacturers of MacBook cases, whereas all the other cases are just pieces of crap….but he knows so (not) much that he doesn’t even get that there is a difference between actual crappy cases costing only 10-15 bucks and the cases where that price is discounted from the full one of $40-50, making them of much higher quality….except in the dude’s eyes, for whom none is good if not made by one of his three precious brands.
  • An ignorant italian guy who said Harry Potter is a story for dumb kids about a little stupid magical child with no depth or moral messages of any sort, and the movies of the saga have a cast not worth mentioning (as in there are no good actors in the movies); the prat also said he “grew up and out of it”….pity his brain never caught up with that supposed growth.
  • The trolliest one, a fanatic Star Trek fanboy who kept saying J.J. Abrams’ reboots are just shallow, full of (unexisting) plot holes, poor summer action movies who have weak villains….simply, in his reasoning, because the movies don’t follow the original series; he just was unable to grasp (more like he refused to) the “alternate timeline” and “parallel universe” concepts. When I told him the movies are not so shallow as it said, he first dragged me in an useless discussion on how Star Trek was a classic from the moment it first aired - which is a big fat lie - and the reboot movies aren’t as worthy; then, when I brought up arguments to back up my opinion of why the movies are better than he thinks, he blabbed on how we all got our likes and dislikes…while proceeding to try to turn tables on me implying I was the obsessed fanboy who was wrong and stupid for not seeing things his way and agreeing with him….what a loser.
These are just the last three in a string of trolls who have tried to come onto me on YouTube - and failed miserably, confirming their status of pathetic creatures; I’m fed up with these dunderheads, and I’m gonna try much harder to avoid wasting my time on them.

Sorry for the long rant, but I’ve really had enough of those idiots and needed to let out some steam they caused; see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful Sunday. ♥

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