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Personal cinema...not!!

Posted on 17 April 2017  //////  3 luminosities

Hi there guys, how's going? ^.^
The title sounds weird, but I promise it'll make sense once I explain the whole story; so, let's start from the very beginning.

Preface: Netflix is common in Italy, but not as much as in US; here the biggest tv-on-demand platform is Sky On Demand, but my family doesn't have neither - we have the normal Sky satellite channels platform, as we don't really need either On Demand nor Netflix. Either way, I prefer and have always preferred to watch my movies on DVD disks using my computer's PowerDVD copy; that means I have an extensive DVDs collection....and my super-spoiled niece thinks that is her own personal cinema always at her disposal.
I have no problem whatsoever lending her a few movies to watch while she's here; the problem is that she always pretends I watch every movie together with her! I don't mind watching a movie with her, but I shouldn't be forced to watch more if I don't feel up to....but that's usually what happens because, when I say no to the second and forth movies, my niece gets starts whining and my mother always backs her up saying that I should do it even if I don't want to because she is my niece and "only" comes over every 2 weeks (or even more often)....yeah well, I say fu*k them.
I love them, but they're not my bosses; if I don't feel up to watch a second or more movies with her - maybe because I have other things to do - I don't really have to, and my mum hasn't the right to try to force me to indulge her spoiled and arrogant behavior....not to mention that my niece is already spoiled fu*king rotten as it is, there is really no need to exacerbate that. Mum, being the one spoiling her the most, says I'm too harsh....no, I'm just being the one who tries to curb my niece's attitude. >_<

Sorry for the rant, but the aforementioned scene was repeated just tonight and I got really fed up with it; I needed to vent. See you on next post.
Everybody take care, and have the most wonderful week. ♥

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