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Latest Amazon spree

Posted on 05 July 2017  //////  2 luminosities

Hi there everybody, I did it again. xD
After I went to my manga store this morning to get all the back issues of the manga series I'm reading (which to be honest are quite a lot), I noticed a few where missing, so I bought them on Amazon....along with some extras items I had saved in my cart - because I got greedy. :p

I mostly ordered manga volumes, but there are also a couple of movie dvds; here's the full list of what I've ordered - the first 3 bought on Amazon Italy, the rest on Amazon UK.
  • Haikyuu! volumes 16 (italian release);
  • Kamisama Kiss volumes 20-21 (italian releases);
  • Underworld Blood Wars movie DVD;
  • Seraph of the End volumes 11-12;
  • Kamisama Kiss volumes 22-23;
  • BBC's 1996 Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth.
I debated for a while about waiting until next week before placing the Amazon UK order - in order to get Kamisama Kiss #24 as well - but in the end I decided I was already spending too much money and ordered everything today; I can't wait for the mangas to be here. n.n.

If you're into manga, which series are you reading right now and which one is your current favorite one among them? My current manga obsessions are Blue Exorcist, Joou no Hana by Izumi Kaneyoshi and Arina Tanemura's Neko to watashi no kinyƍbi - especially the second, I love the characters. ♥

Sorry for the random post, but I was so excited about these purchases I wanted to share (sorry if it's boring or sounds like I'm bragging :p); see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and have a very wonderful week. ♥

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