Michelle :: 22 December 2016 :: ip: logged
Glad you're back! Love the layout!
Jamie :: 16 December 2016 :: ip: logged
Hey Lucien,
I really like the domain name you picked out.

Like you, I recycled a theme that I have previously used on my blog before, but I have transformed it into a completely new design that I just love. My blog is . Just love the theme.
Mochi :: 09 December 2016 :: ip: logged
Hey Lucien!

Congrats on opening Hikarimono! It looks great, I love the dark violet and black. I will update your link asap! smile.gif

- Mochi
Pim :: 06 December 2016 :: ip: logged
Your layout looks amazing love.gif
Congrats on the blog opening smile.gif
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