Michelle :: 25 February 2017 :: ip: logged
Can't wait to see the new look <3
Joy :: 23 February 2017 :: ip: logged
Oh god, I hate facebook and usually I don't even bother to read the yt comments anymore. I get pissed so easily too haha (ALSO I LOVE DYLAN OBRIEN TOO HE IS AMAZING)

We seem to be very alike when it comes to friendships, I'm trying my hardest to distance myself.
Sakura :: 28 January 2017 :: ip: logged
I usually just ignore the trolls and keyboard warriors. But sometimes their comments can be quite funny and I laughed at their stupidity.
Jamie :: 27 January 2017 :: ip: logged
I knew there were other places being trolled and making people stupid, and not just Facebook!
Michelle :: 24 January 2017 :: ip: logged
I admit that people have pay no attention to history and what it means. Yeah, there are a lot of idiots on Facebook, but i try to stick with my friends but sometimes they get a bit stupid. :/ Family especially.
Adrianne :: 24 January 2017 :: ip: logged
I have to admit that social media (in general), especially Facebook, is making people become a lot dumber than the opposite. Jeez, kids (hell, even some adults too!) these days are becoming a lot more unruly than ever. Either that or I'm just too old to even comprehend with people who troll for fun.
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