Mochi :: 01 April 2017 :: ip: logged
Thanks Lucien!

I did your challenge! I took the lazy route too and didn't write anything out haha

Adrianne :: 31 March 2017 :: ip: logged
If it makes you feel any better, I sorta cheated on #4. I used my right hand and held it onto my left hand, forcing it to move and actually write, because like you, I literally can't move my left hand with a pen on it. toung.gif

It still looked ugly, but I tried lol.
Joy :: 30 March 2017 :: ip: logged
Hey my shoutbox is a plugin for wordpress actually bigsmile.gif its called Simple Ajax Shoutbox! hope this helps ^^
Xian :: 30 March 2017 :: ip: logged
#BlogHopping bigsmile.gif

Hello fellow Fujoshi!!!! love.gif
Michelle :: 22 March 2017 :: ip: logged
Love your new layout! Also, that's a interesting quote XD
Gillan :: 20 March 2017 :: ip: logged
True. I've still yet to know about the new female character so I'll have to watch NCIS soon smile.gif
Roselyn :: 20 March 2017 :: ip: logged
Hey there! I have linked you already smile.gif
Roselyn :: 18 March 2017 :: ip: logged
I love your layout! ^^; Taiga!!

Hey there btw, I am just blog hopping. smile.gif Here's my blog:
Gillan :: 17 March 2017 :: ip: logged
How can you not like Ziva? She's badass :( I loved the Ziva-Tony pairing, which is why I maybe a little upset that she left lmao.
Same, I did enjoy The Hobbit more than I did LotR. It's much shorter than the latter but it's better.
Cristina Cocioaba :: 16 March 2017 :: ip: logged
Haha. I understand now why you couldn't do number four. Glad you took my challenge <3.
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