Adrianne :: 10 May 2017 :: ip: logged
My parents are the spoiled ones when it comes to Netflix (and Amazon Prime Video), but I forgive them both. My father is currently going through his chemo and if he was going to relax, he will have his Netflix/Amazon Video and his TV in the bedroom whenever the hell he wants. cool.gif
Michelle :: 04 May 2017 :: ip: logged
I agree with you. You are under no obligation to watch more movies if you don't feel like it.
Jamie :: 25 April 2017 :: ip: logged
Ugh, I hate spoiled children like that! You should be free to do with whatever you want and on your terms. You're an adult after all. Right? Why should you have to spend your time watching movies with her just because your mom says too? It's not fair to you. I say talk to your mom.
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