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Big reopening!! posted by Lucien on 10.07.2018

Big reopening!!

Posted on 10.07.2018  ////  2 luminous beings

Hello minna-san. ^.^
As mentioned in the previous entry, Hikarimono moved "house". I didn't move because the previous host was bad - far from it (HostMantis is one of the best providers I know) - but because of other reasons; either way, I'm back now and don't plan to move until I get tired of the name.

New host means new look: meet version 6.0 Little ghost, a premade divs design featuring some unknown artist or series that I found on an awesome german site called Kuroi Inku (from where I also took this post's icon); I fell in love with this layout as soon I saw it and decided it was perfect for Hikarimono...and it fits Halloween's theme as well. ♥♥

I don't have much else to say...and I don't have time either, as I need to start uploading the new stuff I made on both Hakanai and Ast3rism - that have both been basically on hiatus for the whole summer; so, see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful Sunday. ♥