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..where she *rants*, *vents* or simply rimuginates over what she likes and dislikes, possible pet peeves and life; the site is on version 6.0 Little ghost, featuring unknown artist's artwork. Enjoy. ♥ Lucien's small blog Hikarimono..

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OMG hallelujah!!

Hello there, I'm finally back. ^^
I never thought I'd have to move to a new host so soon after leaving - who by the way is still invoicing me, says a lot on their true nature - but the (cheap) host I'd chosen to go with turned out to be quite shady, so much their datacenter shut them down, so I was forced to move yet again; I went with another pretty new host, but I spoke with their staff and they seem very good at it so (hopefully) I should be able to stay with them for pretty long. I also moved Neon Sky to the new host, already uploading the site's files and the cms, so that too is already up and running at full power (so go check it out). =)

I don't really have anything else to say, so see you all on the next network update.
Everybody take care and have a wonderful day. ♥

Posted on 07.31.2019 • 1 luminous lights

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