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New affie (not) and affies clean-up posted by Lucien on 04.26.2020
New look!! posted by Lucien on 11.15.2019
OMG hallelujah!! posted by Lucien on 07.31.2019

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New affie (not) and affies clean-up

Hi there minna, it's been a (long) while. ^^;;;;;;
Sorry for going away from here for so long; it's not because I was too lazy to update, I simply felt zero pull to blog...more, it almost felt like a chore. So I took some time off until the spark came back...which is now, though I don't have a big interesting entry.

I have a new affie - let's all give a warm welcome to the lovely Starla from cute Starnyxi scratch that, I had to remove Starla/Pim because she tried to deceive me and is up at her old shenanigans and I’m done giving her more chances - so I went and cleaned up my blog roll a bit: for the blog pal I gained, I lost three; it's sad but it happens, people just lose interest in blogging or having a website. Still, there's hope I'll gain more in the future.

I also cleaned up my link buttons, removing two that looked ugly to me now; I don't know if I'll make more, but for now there are still four left for you to use (saving them to your server, no direct-linking please).

That's it for now; gotta go now, as I wanna watch Extraction with Chris Hemsworth on Netflix - I've been hyped about it since I saw the trailer; see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful Sunday. ♥

Posted on 04.26.2020 • 0 luminous lights

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