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My latest blog was born in late 2016 from its predecessors' ashes.
The first one, Fleeting, didn't last long. My second blog LeRomantisme came out a year later and went from subdomain to free domain on free hosting to add-on domain on a paid account; when that account closed, LeRomantisme was shut down as well. After a short break, Light On was born and hosted on's subdomain service for about a year...but I wanted a proper domain, so I went all in and purchased It lasted 2 years and closed down to money - to dish out $100 to renew Flyhigh and its hosting was impossible, so I started fresh with a new name and provider: the Luminous blog Hikarimono (japanese for luminous), hosted by fansites-specialized host ♥

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Open Since :: November 10th, 2016.
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